hear it at: http://www.wepress.org/soundbox/audio/we_audio.html  
includes:  Allen Ginsberg, Monks of Doom, Jean Gier & Sybl Glebow, Anne Waldman, Andy Clausen, thelemonade, Nathaniel Mackey, Victoria Stone, William Everson, Trudy Morse, Cecil Taylor Workshop Ensemble, Francisco X. Alarcón & Elba Sanchez, Wanda Phipps, Lee Ann Brown, Steven Taylor, Richard Loranger, Victor Hernandez Cruz, H. D. Moe, Steve Benson, The Splatter Trio, Roddy Potter, Katie Yates, Eric Curkendall, Tory Miller, Richie West Published in 1992.  Cover image by Harry Smith (yes, the Harry Smith).  $8.00  

"A variety show of poetry, poetry & music, even a couple of tunes...improvisation, innovative & traditional forms, multilingual,, this is fun and very listenable." 

"a variety of material...challenging listening"