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includes:  Francisco X. Alarcón, ESKIMO, Ed's Redeeming Qualities, Andy Clausen, Tory Miller, Jean Gier/Sybl Glebow, H.D. Moe, Angela Coon, Richard Loranger, Monks of Doom, Victoria Stone, Richie West, Morton Marcus, Elisabeth Belile, Michael Weaver, thelemonadePublished in 1991.  Cover image by Dara Wolochow.  $10.00 

"amazing diversity and fearlessly experimental poetry, song, music, collaborations and improvisations across genres....  We has put the backbone back into the alternative literary and musical arts." 
-Home Planet News 

"a fine compilation" 

"a truly beautiful audio publication" 
-Factsheet Five 

"fine work from a host of writers, musicians & artists" 
-Make Room For Dada