Kamau Brathwaite

with Nathaniel Mackey


We Press, in conjunction with Xcp:  Cross-Cultural Poetics and,
the University of Minnesota, announces the publication of Kamau Brathwaite 's
c o n V E R S a t i o n s  WITH NATHANIEL MACKEY

Kamau Brathwaite's conVERSations WITH
NATHANIEL MACKEY is based on the transcript of his
1993 public discussion with Nathaniel Mackey
at Poet's House in New York City.  Brathwaite
expansively elabortes on Mackey's (and
audience's) knowledgeable inquiries; his answers
are layered with subsequent ruminations arising
from his lifelong engagement with world literature
and expressive cultures.  A multiphasic drift,
elements of biography and autobiography with
poetic discourse on Caribbean literary history
and negative effects of colonial domination.
Brathwaite splices dialog with poetry,
criticism, and instructive imaginary voices
in his now distinct and characteristic
"Sycorax 'video style'" format.



Rain Taxi review


Gerald Schwartz review


Anna Reckin: "Tidalectic Lectures: Kamau Brathwaite's Prose/Poetry as Sound-Space"


Major funding for this project was provided
by the University of Minnesota McKnight
Endowment for the Arts and Humanities
through the Xcp: Cross-
Cultural Poetics conference.

320 pp.
Available April 1999
ISBN  0-9668976-0-9

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