a transcript of the interview from which these recordings are drawn was published under the title "Being Matter Ignited" in Hambone 12 (1995). it is online via https://www.academia.edu/24633218/Being_Matter_Ignited_An_Interview_with_Cecil_Taylor.

the conversation took place at Cecil Taylor's home in Brooklyn on September 3, 1994.

two excerpts in this compendium do not appear in Hambone.

the recordings of Cecil Taylor's poetry were found on YouTube at the following sites:

Master Class: Cecil Taylor - Poetry and Performance (ArtistsHouseMusic)

Charming Cobras Improvise to Cecil Taylor Poetry (Jimmy Pitts)

Cecil Taylor - Poetry Reading, Bologna 2007 (postmeback)

Cecil Taylor - Poetry Reading, Bologna 2007 (with Tony Oxley) (postmeback)

Cecil Taylor - piano improvisation and poetry reading (2008/02/28) (Ghent) (Andrei Ionescu)

documentation of Cecil Taylor reading at the Poetry Project at St. Marks Church (2000) was recorded by Chris Funkhouser.

listen to Chinampas here



with gratitude to Jay Sanders, Nathaniel Mackey, Amy Hufnagel, and Jim Andrews for propelling the realization of these renderings