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        W e  M a g a z i n e  I s s u e  1 7 ,  V o l u m e  2

                Discontinuous Autoharp

                                for Rebby Sharp

                Oh how you
                Undo me raspberry phosphate
                Raptors from the rafters call me
                Rhapsody in gumball kazoo

                Consonantal harmonies adrift
                Lazeeboy rafts Richmondesque
                Gape odalisque refigures teething
                Mortals at last outlined

                The farthest South Jasper can imagine
                A gay plum bun, a purplish heard
                I want your lyric sheets
                Here's the $2.45 plus postage

                Falling down on the Job
                Quietly elevating babies
                Hymn Sings amongst the decay
                Racoonbats with rabies

                Tar buckets filled with guess what
                kind of snake like autocthonic scales
                Techtonic plates shift under Chris
                My friend and fresh met frisker

                Too tiny for words much less
                song where does poetry belong
                Everywhere or in this little box

                A gentle Rod spoils no child
                Sweet fathers I know and mothering
                Blue books and goddard girls slighter
                Mercies figure in my mouth

                Surprising metallic retail Joan
                shows up among the unknown
                Uncle in grey turt looks spiff
                No spliffs but tamales fille

                Bear reads wine and bows for
                mercy missed it Jasper says it
                Sister then in cat favor
                deliberately shys from meaning

                Clearly stanzas must stand for
                transfers sevens eights or song
                I've always been a visitor where's
                my absentee ballet?

                Quilting is not one of the skills
                A longer line might consist of
                Catskill association at best Beth
                balls the jack and the salty dog rags

                No more slavery above the trembling bed
                A robin red breast in a cage
                While visions of sugar plums dance in our head
                Puts all of heaven in a rage

                Despite clinging peaches
                The south maintains its sticky hold
                As that moss dies away
                A new Kudzu emerges
                In the water this time

                                Lee Ann Brown

Vol. 3